Software License Information

EDBtoPSTOutlook provides wide range of categories under product licenses for offering the ease of use to the end users. Therefore, users can select any among the various licenses as per requirements. These categories include products under:

  • Personal License
  • Business License
  • Corporate License
  • Technician License
  • Enterprise License

Apart from these, there are specialized and customized licenses as well and these include:

  • Forensic License
  • User Based License

Regulatory Measures for License Usage

There are certain regulations associated to the above stated user licenses and these regulatory parameters are summed up herein:

Use of Information:

EDBtoPSTOutlook reserves all rights including 'intellectual properties rights' for the incorporated content, images, videos and all other components of the website. The information given in the website including text and images must be used solely for personal usage and strictly not to be used for any commercial activities.


All software products under EDBtoPSTOutlook are available with specified license agreement or restrictions. The "End User License Agreement (EULA)" regulates the use of services and products; unless the usage is subjected to a special agreement between the user and the Company. By downloading, using or copying any of the software, you agree to this 'Agreement'.


If you agree to this 'Agreement' on behalf of other person, you will be responsible for the sole authorization or product purchase (if made).

Consumer Rights:

If the product is been purchased as a user or consumer, the statutory rights that you own will not get affected by any of the clauses mentioned under this Agreement.


EDBtoPSTOutlook may deliver the license information; software products and related services via download or electronic transmission.


This 'Agreement' does not implicate the transfer of any copyright material or any intellectual property to the user.

Liability Limitations:

Under this 'Agreement', EDBtoPSTOutlook is only liable for the actual amount paid by user for the purchase of particular software. Neither of the two parties is responsible for any of the loss, profit or damage or consequential cost parameters.


This 'Agreement' is effectual till the data of termination or expiration (in case of limited period license). However, user's rights with this 'Agreement' terminates in case it fails to abide by the given terms and conditions.

Money Back Guarantee:

The products delivered by EDBtoPSTOutlook are free from malicious or other malware attacks at the time of delivery. However, if any of the discrepancies found in any of the product delivered by the Company within a prescribed period of days, the Company ensures money back policy within 30 days of purchase.