How it Works

This section aims at explaining step by step working of the tool through software screenshots. The procedure shared here will help in trying out trial version of the tool and will give confidence to operate full version tool.

STEP 1: Launch the utility

STEP 2: Browse EDB File

STEP 3. Quick & Advanced Scan Mode

STEP 4: Preview EDB File

STEP 5: Click on Export

  • Click on Export option to start conversion process.

STEP 6: Advanced Settings

  • Click on Advanced settings button to apply advanced features of the tool

STEP 7: Naming Convention & Date Filter

  • Apply naming convention to save emails with different names & apply date filter to save data according to date.

STEP 8: Browse destination path

  • Now select the destination location where result folders with EML files are to be saved.

STEP 9: A new screen is displayed

  • As the software starts the export process, it will enlist the details of number of messages that get converted into EML.

STEP 10: Click OK to Finish

  • A message 'export process completed successfully' is displayed. To move out of the setup, click on OK button.