How to Import EML into Outlook 2013: Simple Guidelines Shared!

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"Upon managing my hard disk data, I discovered some EML files in one of the volumes. Amongst all the emails, some were the messages that I received and saved into a specific folder while some were from the email applications that I used over the past time (Outlook Express and Thunderbird).

Right now I am using Outlook 2013 and want to import these EML files into PST file but it seems there is no direct solution from Microsoft' end for the same. Is there any way to import multiple EML files to Outlook 2013 at once?"

However there is no direct mode to import EML files into MS Outlook still this can be made possible using mediator like Windows Live Mail (WLM). Just drag and drop EML files into WLM and use "Export Email" feature to move these files into Outlook 2013. Here are the step-by-step guidelines that might prove helpful.

Step 1 ) Open Windows Live Mail. When you open it, a message will be prompted on screen that will ask you to add account. Ignore it and WLM will be opened without any account configured.

Step 2 ) Navigate to the system volume where EML files are saved. Open the folder where EML files are saved.

Step 3 ) Resize WLM and Windows Explorer in such a way that both of them are visible. For example: Restore Down the screens and keep one on right hand side and other on left hand side.

Step 4 ) Drag EML files from explorer and drop them to Windows Live Mail message list.

"You can create multiple folders in WLM if you want the EML messages to be sorted. For this, you have to manage EML files in different folders and then create multiple folders in WM accordingly."

Step 5 ) Now, click on "File" menu in WLM. Move to "Export Email" and choose "Email Messages"

Step 6 ) In the window that pop up, choose "Microsoft Exchange"

Step 7 ) Confirm that you wish to export emails into MS Outlook or Exchange Server.

Step 8 ) You will be asked to provide details of Outlook 2013 profile and click OK. This will make an attempt to start Outlook in the background. However, if you want, you can manually start up Outlook directly.

Step 9 ) From "Export Messages" dialog box, choose "Selected Folders"

Step 10 ) Now select the folders that have EML files stored in it. If EML files from multiple folders have to be exported, then hold on the CNTRL key and select folders for export.

Step 11 ) Click on the OK button and when EML to PST export process is complete, click "Finish".

Step 12 ) In Outlook, the messages will get saved in separate folder. Open it and check the EML messages.

This guideline for how to import EML into Outlook 2013 will surely prove helpful. Since there is no need to configure a new account for WLM, the process becomes even simpler as you just need to download and install WLM for opening EML to it.